We Buy Gold Plated IC Chips, Get Paid More When You Sell Direct

Sell Gold Plated IC Chips

We buy gold plated ic chips from customers throughout the United States. ICs (Integrated Circuits) often contain a piece of gold plated material within a ceramic body, often with leads or "legs" attached to it too. In most cases, the more visible gold color that you see on IC Chips, the more the material will be worth. If you send us a sample of your gold plated ic chips, then we can evaluate the material and give you an exact price per pound that we would pay you. Contact our gold plated ic chip buyers today to get started.


IC Chips have been produced in a wide range of styles and methods over the years. Generally, the older the IC Chip the more gold value the ic chip will have in it. When you sell your gold plated ic chips to us you will also get paid more for your IC Chips based on the quantity of gold plated material that you have; the more weight in pounds that you have, the more you will get paid on a per pound basis. If you have gold placed ic chips that you want to sell, then contact our gold plated ic chip buyers today.

Every day, customers throughout the United States tell us that we pay more than anyone around for their gold plated electronic scrap. We can pay you more because we do our own gold plated ic chip processing, assaying and refining. You get paid more when you sell your gold plated scrap direct.

Contact us today for a no-cost, no-obligation appraisal of your gold plated scrap material.

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