We Buy Gold Plated Connectors, Get Paid More When You Sell Direct

We Buy Gold Plated Connectors

We buy gold plated connectors and gold plated electronic scrap from companies and individuals throughout the United States who want to get paid more when they sell their material direct to the processor. Customers throughout the United States tell us that we pay more than anyone around for their overstock, obsolete or unwanted gold plated connectors. We can pay you more for your gold plated connectors because we do our own precious metals processing allowing us to pass that savings on to you.


If you want to sell gold plated connectors, then contact us for a free evaluation of your material from anywhere in the United States. Send us a sample of your gold plated connectors and we can evaluate the sample and let you know how much we will pay you per pound for your gold plated scrap. Gold plated connectors all have different values depending on what the connectors were used for and what year the gold plated connectors were produced. Usually, the older the gold plated scrap the more it will be worth. That's because in the 1970s and 1980s gold plated electronics companies used more gold in the production of electronic connectors than they do in more recent years.

We buy and process gold plated connectors from a wide variety of industries and uses, including; aerospace gold plated connectors, military gold plated connectors, and computer and electronic scrap gold plated connectors. Get paid more for your gold plated connectors, contact us today!

Contact us today for a no-cost, no-obligation appraisal of your gold plated scrap material.

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